Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Primary Colors

So today my two year old child and I were pointing to different objects and saying the color. She has been doing well with colors for some time now but still loves to rattle off the colors of things whenever she gets the chance. After about ten minutes of playing we decided (by we I meant me) we’d had enough and so decided to watch a little Dora the Explorer.

We were lying on the couch together watching Dora and Boots as they attempted to take a fallen star back to its home, which by the way was a very powerful and emotional episode (I felt compelled to reach out with Dora and Boot's encouragement in order to help carry the fallen star home). As she and I were watching, I felt a finger out of nowhere being shoved into my mouth, and heard her very clearly and distinctively say, "yellow." She was obviously pointing to my teeth.

Well, what can I say, I guess the kid knows her colors. Not that I have the whitest teeth by any means but I never would have called them yellow. More of an off white, but yellow? Come on. Needless to say that pretty much ruined the rest of my star catching adventure with Boots and Dora, for the rest of the afternoon was spent trying to dig out my old Crest White Strips. Now if only I could remember where we packed them.


Allison said...

That's hilarious....really....hilarious! I love how kids say it how it is. HOpe you find the Crest Strips so you can get back to Dora.... We're currently watching Dora deliver a letter to Swiper!

Lindsay said...

I love that episode. You're right, it is quite touching. And good luck with the yellow teeth....at least be thankful your not an ugly brace face like me!

Abbie said...

Just the other day Ethan pointed to several freckles on my face and asked why my face was so bumpy. Then of course I had to run to the mirror and cry about all the imperfections on my face.

Life is just too funny to be taken so seriously