Wednesday, March 5, 2008

42 Uses for a Cardboard Box

An empty cardboard box, to most adults, is just that, an empty cardboard box. To small children however, an empty cardboard box combined with a little imagination, is so much more. Here are 42 uses for a cardboard box (kid’s perspective).

1. A place to hide your toys.
2. A place to hide your sibling’s toys.
3. A chair for watching your favorite show.
4. A table, you insist eating your meals at.
5. A place to stuff a willing/unwilling sibling.
6. A place to hide after stuffing your unwilling sibling in it.
7. An object when strategically placed, perfect for tripping your parents.
8. The perfect sled for stairs.
9. A stepping stool for reaching things that have been purposely placed out of your reach.
10. Something to jump into.
11. Something to jump on.
12. Something to jump over.
13. One of the best presents you could ever receive.
14. An object that causes headaches for parents. (Note to parents; Advil or Tylenol work best at preventing headaches when taken before giving the box to children…an hour before is usually sufficient)
15. A fort, tent, house, castle, cave or anything else you wished you lived in.
16. A bed for you and or your stuffed animals.
17. A potty! (Please note after use as potty, cardboard boxes with imagination or not is not suited for children’s play)
18. An object worth throwing when angry.
19. A helmet or hat. (Depending on size)
20. Something more fun to color on then paper, coloring books, or even walls for that matter.
21. Something scary, to chase a sibling with. (Works best when sibling is convinced it’s a monster trying to get them)
22. A laundry basket.
23. A trash can.
24. A place to hide uneaten dinner and or lunches in.
25. Something to get hurt from playing on or around.
26. Something fun to tear into tiny pieces making sure to leave bits of it strung through out the house.
27. Yet another thing to fight over with your sibling.
28. A boat, vehicle, airplane, or any other mode of transportation you see fit.
29. Something fun to leave around in random places.
30. A robot costume.
31. Something to chew on.
32. A place to keep your most valued treasures.
33. A container for holding water in. (Note to parents; this usually results in a soggy mess and wet floor)
34. Something for your parents to carry you in. (Warning: parents with bad backs, or bad tempers should not attempt. This only leads to worse backs and worse tempers)
35. A springboard or launching pad.
36. Something to unwind a roll of toilet paper into when the toilet is already full.
37. An excellent tub toy if sneaked past unsuspecting parents.
38. A tunnel, as long as it’s not to dark.
39. A quiet place to get away.
40. A shield for protection, separating you from an angry, biting, screaming, scratching, kicking, punching sibling.
41. Something, any use besides playing with, is out of the question.
42. Something to cry about when thrown away.


Anonymous said...

You might have too much time on your hands, Jared.

Candy said...

Hey Jared! Thanks for commenting on my blog and for the compliments on my stuff. It is so fun to sew and have this business. I feel vulnerable sewing because I'm never sure if people will like my style, my designs, etc.
We miss you guys too! If we're ever in Alaska, we'll stop by. And that was funny about your Seinfeld comment...not that there's anything wrong with that? Was that the puffy shirt episode or not?

Candy said...

Also...that is a ton of thing to do with a cardboard box. If I'm ever with a cardboard box, and short on ideas, I now know where to turn for help! Hilarious!

Abbie said...

Now I know what to get your kids for gifts!

Life is just too funny to be taken so seriously